Kale with Garlic and Sesame

Kale is one over-hyped vegetable lately, I tell you whut. I don’t mean that to sound negative and complainy, but I know it does. Alls I mean is, kale is always on those lists of “Top 10 foods you must eat NOW!” and “Eat this and live FOREVER!” and then it goes on to be…

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Turkey Taco Salad

It’s “Healthy Food Resolutions Month” again! Every year like clockwork — and Truck Month and Toyotathon — January shows up and makes us all feel bad about eating s’mores for dinner. Admittedly, January has a good point there. Marshmallows are bad for your teeth. But January’s advice is not good if all the healthy crap…

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How To Make Meatballs

how to make meatballs

This video and article will show you how to make meatballs for spaghetti sauce from my simple meatball recipe, to the rolling, and making tomato sauce lickety-split.

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