Black Bean Quinoa Burgers

The problem with so many veggie burger recipes is the blah, mushy texture. Not these, boyee!┬áBlack bean quinoa burgers are high-protein and nutrient-dense. I added minced kale though you can use spinach, but kale gives a more interesting texture. Mashed black beans, chewy quinoa, crunchy almonds and a smidge of cheese (optional!) make sure these…

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Quinoa Recipes

quinoa recipes

Since errybody’s crazy about quinoa and I’ve been seeing a lot of tastee-tastee-lookin’ quinoa recipes around and about my part of the internet, I put together this list of some good ones.

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Quinoa Salad

Quinoa Salad Video (scroll down for recipe) I love quinoa salad. It’s the perfect solution to my inherent laziness – the laziness I fight so hard against but sometimes, like all better foes, it wins and I find myself sprawled out across the room, legs on the couch, face on the floor, watching “Video Chan…

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