Pantry Makeover!

I got my horribly disfigured pantry reorganized, dudes! Not that my pantry was in a terrible accident involving an acid factory and a hurricane, but it was in terrible shape. So terrible that I had to call in a professional organizer to pull everything out and sort it and put it all back into nice containers with labels and everything.

Watch the (Very Funny) video below to see the before and after transformation! If you’d like more details on the types of containers and labels used and where to buy them, check out this post on Jessie’s website about pantry organization. Or click this link if you just want to hire a professional organizer in Austin.


  1. gigi on June 15, 2014 at 10:24 pm

    Y’all DO look a bit like sisters! I tried seaweed once and hated it, but I do love sardines and have about 5 types and maybe 30 cans myself, LOL, so, maybe we are cousins.

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