Put it in my Mouth, part 3

An updated post of all the recent “Put it in my Mouth” series episodes!
**If you want to mail me some stuff to PIIMM, send it to this address. And remember to include your return address so I can send you something, too!**

Hilah Cooking
10573 W Pico Blvd #76
Los Angeles CA 90064

Middleswarth Potato Chips from Pennsylvania

Blindfolded challenge with Sara from Average Betty!

Cool Candy From Canada: SQUISH brand gummy candy

Kentucky Proud! Salsa, BBQ sauce, Bourbon everything

North Carolina – Fried apple pies and ghost pepper popcorn

If you want to try some of these things, these are some I liked best (Amazon affiliate links). (So far, this is the only product I could even find on Amazon for you, but it’s a good one!)

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