Special Announcement!

We’re having a baby! In case you missed the big news, Chris and I are expecting our first wee one (a boy) on November 3. That’s only like 4 weeks away!!! Eek!

We’ve also been working on a webseries all about it. Watch below for a preview of the new series, Expecting Hilah and subscribe to ulive on YouTube to catch the new episodes as they release every Wednesday and Saturday.

Or binge on all the episodes with this playlist on my channel!



  1. Linda on October 29, 2014 at 10:25 am

    My youngest daughters due date was on November 3 also! But twenty-five years ago, she decided it would be way cooler to be born on Halloween…and she was so right! Maybe your baby boy will chose All Hallow’s Eve as well. So he can be as cool as my girl. Hugs!

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