HHH035 Tarot Card Reading with Jane Almirall

Happy Halloween! Jane Almirall is one witchy woman. A deeply talented artist, writer and tarot card reader, she cyber-stalked her way into my heart a few years ago. In this podcast, she explains a little about the history and different kinds of tarot cards and readings and then I get my own tarot reading done on the air! Learn about the most misunderstood cards in tarot and how you can use it to look within and change your perspective.

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You can listen to the episode below or on Soundcloud.

Show Notes:

  • The Jane cocktail
  • Pimm’s Cup (recipe video)
  • SXSW
  • Types of Tarot decks
  • Oracle decks
  • Major Arcana archetypes
  • Swords – intellect, mind
  • Wands – passion, dreams
  • Cups – emotions
  • Pentacles – abundance
  • Carl Jung
  • Shadow work
  • Death card
  • The Devil card
  • The Tower card
  • The Celtic Cross spread
  • Kelly-Ann Maddox (channel)
  • Fright Night spread (video)
  • Tarot card read 20:00
  • First Friday readings at Oracle
  • Rita Brinkerhoff
  • Alessandra Dzuba
  • Jennifer Joseph (IG)

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