HHH05 Interview with Jen Phanomrat – Just Eat Life

I first “met” Jen through her first YouTube series Tasty Memories which she and her boyfriend and production partner Leo made together. I was instantly charmed by her vibrant smile and her slightly filthy humor. Then, of course, the delicious family recipes she shares. As two people who love food, love life, and dearly love each other, their channel JustEatLife is one of my very top favorite cooking channels on YouTube. In this interview, Jen and I talk about what she ate growing up; her recent trips through Thailand and Peru; troublesome travel poop; hot dogs and mean people.

Jen and Leo

Show Notes

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  1. How do we hear it I don’t have a pod just a straight talk dumb phone that suppose to be smart

  2. Chris after hearing that poop story: “WHAT DID I MARRY INTO?!”

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