How To Make Hush Puppies

Here’s me experimenting in the kitchen. I had some corndog batter left over from when we made corndogs and I thought, “What else can I make today that will lead me one step closer to fully blocked arteries?”. Hush Puppies, of course! So I added some cornmeal and onions and jalapenos and threw that in my FryDaddy. Voila!

I figured out the best way to get them somewhat ball-shaped was to use two spoons, like one would make quenelles, if one knew what quenelles are. I have read about those in books.


  1. I'm a Midwestern girl and have no idea what Hushpuppies are. I thought they were those plush stuffed animal doggies from the 80s or something but I like balls, so that's cool.

  2. We did, but I never ate there. My family was poor and we only ate dinner at home. So why are they called Hushpuppies anyway? cause you can feed them to doggies and they'd hush up? I'd like to see a nice plating photo of corndogs and hushpuppies together. haha!

  3. Hilah. How about experimenting with interesting shapes? I think we once made a party of it, with appropriate lubrication, and produced some truly fine hush boobies, etc.

  4. Nice, I love hushpuppies but I haven't had them in years. My first cooking job as a teenager was at this restaurant in St. Augustine, Florida and they made the best hushpuppies. I can't wait to try out this recipe.

    • Truth be told, I do not eat a lot of hushpuppies either; but there was all that corny batter, staring me in the face, and I knew what I had to do. Let me know if you try it!

  5. Hey Hilah
    So tonight I made some of your awesome huspuppies. I made a mistake that I guess instead of putting 1/4 of a tsp of baking soda I put 1tsp LOL. Also I put a whole can of cream corn I didn’t know what to do with the left overs so I just put it in I dont have a fry daddy so I made them on a non-stick pan it work okay. I did use your two spoon method and they came out round and cute LOL. They were for a little late night snack my family loved them. My son wants some for his lunch. Thanks so much for making cooking fun.

    • Hilah Cooking says:

      That’s terrific, Dee! The nonstick skillet was a good idea – glad they came out round, not like my lumpy ones! And I think your son might be on to something…mmmm. Thanks for supporting the show. Keep cookin’!

      • Thank you for having a great show. I look forward to watching you cook. I am so glad I ran in to your show on i-tunes.

  6. Please consider renaming your show Hilahrious Cooking…you’re very funny.


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