HHH014 Interview with Chef John | Food Wishes

Interview with Chef John Mitzewich, creator of Food Wishes! Chef John is a YouTube legend. He started his channel and recipe website in 2007 then partnered with the AllRecipes site in 2011. His videos are known for funny voiceover and commentary combined with delicious recipes you can make at home. In this podcast interview with Chef John, we talk about how he produces his videos, the best pick-up line, recipe theft, and what the hell is microseasoning?

Show Notes:

  • Paul Smith’s College
  • Glacier National Park
  • Garde mange
  • Ryan’s Cafe (get their Chicken Marsala recipe)
  • Chef John’s best pickup line
  • Pan sauces
  • Pattern interrupt!
  • Average Betty
  • YouTube copycats?
  • Clotted cream (Video)
  • Satay tri-tip (Video)
  • Micro-seasoning
  • Seasoning to taste
  • AllRecipes
  • A $50 date in San Francisco???
  • Dosa – South Indian lentil crepes
  • Instant potatoes (video)
  • How to submit your food wish!

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  1. Belinda Avey says:

    “That’s OK…no one is listening to this.” 😜Thanks, Hilah…that was fun!

  2. Watching you and him for years.

    Love the podcast.

  3. And as always, enjoy! What a legend.

  4. jean-marc says:

    I told you i could not wait…i was right. You, your great questions (instant potatoes)….him, his wit….your laugh…what a treat…will listen over and over…
    Boring meeting at work, mmm…one ear bud and HHH014 and boum…all good again
    Thanks so much

  5. Two of my favorites. Was so exited when your email showed up saying that you’d done this with Chef John. Did kitchen work in my teens though 20s while in school & in the service. Flipped a coin when I was about to leave the service, to go to chef school or tech school. Landed on tech school. So, now retired as an electron chaser, still love cooking.

    Thanks for what you both do.

    peace royeh

    • Thank you, Roheh 🙂
      Chef John is definitely one of my favorite internet friends. So happy you liked this interview. He is an easy conversationalist!

  6. Great interview Hilah, Chef John is a legend. Pure charismatic culinary experience in little 8 minutes flics. Genius!

  7. I am cooking lamb stew while I am listening to this!

  8. Chris Myers says:

    You and Chef John taught me to cook!

  9. I love Chef John! He’s so talented and funny! I watch his videos all the time!

  10. Bryan Soto says:

    What a treat! Thank you so much for having Chef John on your podcast.

  11. Gorak The Destroyer says:

    two of the best! great interview Hilah!

  12. Stefan Johansson says:

    Hi Hilah.

    I just found you and I am so happy for that. You are so great.
    Lots of hugs from Sweden.

    Best r

  13. Just think….. If I wasn’t a Chef John Super Fan, I NEVER would’ve met you! I’m a Hilah fan for life now!

    Luv ya much!!

  14. Tony Duffy says:

    Hilah Cooking and Food Wishes are my most favorite shows on YouTube

  15. Thank you both.

  16. I’m sorry but the man has a freakishly small spoon!

  17. I used to watch him but honestly, after a while, I found him to be such a jerk in his comments to his viewers. This is really off-putting to me. People–who have no cooking experience, who know pretty much nothing about cooking–would ask a basic question and he will give a really snotty answer.

    Have you ever met someone who says things like, “Man, you suck. Just kidding!” You know, someone who always puts in a dig but then says “just kidding” at the end. He’s like that.

    His cooking videos are great, though.

  18. Stephanie M says:

    This was amazing to listen to! I am a huge fan of Chef John, and because of him, my husband is convinced I’m a great cook (haaa!). It was so nice to get to know more about him.

  19. Love Chef John. I’ve learned so much from his videos. Thanks for this podcast.
    Love your voice too Hilah.

  20. I was wondering if is there a way to download the “music” track of the podcast? I use to listen to podcasts on my way to school on the train with my old mp3 player, so no soundcloud or iTunes on it 😀 Hope to have an answer! (:

    • Yes! Hi Gi! Yes you can download from this page. On the podcast player, at the bottom there are three little dots. Click that and a ‘download’ option will pop up.

  21. Thomas W Drury says:

    Hilah! This was such a delightful podcast. Hilah Cooking and Food Wishes are two of my favorite cooking shows!
    If you haven’t already thought of it … I think it’d be amazing if you got YouTubers Maangchi [from Maangchi] or Pai [from Pailin’s Kitchen] on one of these! They seem like they’d be super fun and interesting to listen to since they are both Asian-born and live in North America now.

    • Hi Tom!

      I’m SO glad you enjoyed this podcast! John is such a fun guy. I will be interviewing Maangchi for sure! Hoping to get out to NYC in September to do it in-person. I will look up Pailin’s channel, too. Haven’t seen that one.

      Thanks for writing!

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