Sheet Pan Salmon with Asparagus

Roasted salmon and asparagus sheet pan dinner with pomegranate mignonette sauce

I realize I’m late to the sheet pan dinner game, but that’s only because I hate to turn on my oven because it heats up the kitchen so much. But I can’t deny the ease of this sheet pan salmon with asparagus! Add some purple cabbage for color and when it’s out of the oven,…

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Salmon Tacos

Fresh salmon tacos with kale slaw and creamy jalapeño salsa

Listen all ye lovers of fish tacos and what-not. Do not be a’feared of the sorta long ingredients list found hither for these salmon tacos! You’ll want to make these post-haste, my friends. (Unless you don’t like salmon and in that case make my other fish tacos recipe with cod or another white fish. People…

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Habanero Pesto Shrimp

Habanero pesto shrimp

When we first moved to LA from Austin (almost three years ago, holy cow!) we came with but one Mexican restaurant recommendation in our pockets. Kay N’ Dave’s in Culver City. Habanero pesto shrimp was a thing on the menu and for a while it was Chris’s favorite thing on the menu until they re-did…

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Shrimp and Sweet Potato Quesadillas

shrimp sweet potato quesadillas make a healthy, quick dinner or lunch. Also a great way to use up leftover shrimp

Couple things I’ve figured out by now are that quesadillas are a perfect vessel to use up any and every bit of leftover-whatever that you have in your fridgerator and also, quesadillas are the perfect thing to make whenever you are too tired, too irritated or too drunk to give a shit about cooking dinner…

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Shrimp and Pesto Stuffed Squash Blossoms

stuffed squash blossoms

When you see squash blossoms show up at your spring and early summer farmers’ markets (pretty much the ONLY place you’ll see them unless you have a garden yourself) grab a bunch and make stuffed squash blossoms as soon as you are able! Often, I just use a soft cheese but we had a few cooked shrimp…

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Salmon Sweet Potato Croquettes

salmon sweet potato croquettes

These salmon sweet potato croquettes are almost the definition of “clean eating” — a handful of healthful ingredients combined into a simple and quick recipe that makes you feel good to eat. I’m not sure if butter and breadcrumbs are technically “clean” but close enough. And you can make these without the breadcrumb coating if you’re…

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Moqueca – Brazilian Seafood Stew

Moqueca is a dead-simple, Brazilian seafood stew characterized by coconut milk, bell peppers and dendê oil. Dendê oil is also known as red palm oil. Red palm oil is pressed from the fruit of oil palm trees and has a beautiful bright orange-red color. Its taste is somewhat meaty; its fragrance is slightly of anise; it’s…

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World’s Best Tuna Melt!

best tuna melt

It truly is the world’s best. This tuna melt recipe was shown to me by Chris, of all people. I say that because he’s not really much of a cook and it’s the only thing I can recall that he showed me in the kitchen. What makes it super special is the pineapple! Before you…

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Camarones a la Diabla – Diablo Shrimp Recipe

camarones a la diabla

Camarones a la diabla recipe video – scroll down for recipe card Subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notified of new videos. Camarones a la diabla is one of those items that is on almost every Mexican/Tex-Mex/South American restaurant menu but every place you order it, it’s completely different. Sometimes it’s made with a dark red chile…

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