HHH10 Interview with Richard Lawson | Vanity Fair Film Critic

In this episode of Hilah’s Happy Hour, I got to talk with Richard Lawson, the film critic for Vanity Fair! I “met” him through my YouTube channel (he wrote me up this little blurb in the March issue of VF) and now we’re Twitter buddies. We talk about how he got into the critic business, what he likes about it, what makes an “indie movie”, why the film industry is slow to change; and get a couple of summer movie recommendations.

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Show Notes:richard lawson

  1. Matching “tone”
  2. Big Little Lies (review)
  3. Mac and Cheese videos
  4. Manohla Dargis
  5. Get Out (review)
  6. “Cat in the window” (Roger Corman?)
  7. What makes an indie movie?
  8. I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore
  9. My band’s album on iTunes! (Explicit/NSFW)
  10. SXSW and Krisha
  11. Middleburg Film Festival
  12. AFI 100 Years of Movies list
  13. Brendan Frasier
  14. Dazed and Confused
  15. Slacker remake, 2011
  16. American Horror Story (review)
  17. Staying positive under pressure
  18. Do we like theaters that serve dinner?
  19. Hidden Figures (review)
  20. Film industry … or cruise ship??
  21. Summer movie recommendations


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