Queso Dip Video (scroll down for queso recipe) If you’re not from Texas, you probably have no idea what the hell queso is. I know, I know, you think you know that it means “cheese” in Spanish and you are correct in that. But to a Texan, queso means something completely different. Sometimes called chili…

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Creamy Hatch Chili Sauce

Creamy Hatch Chili Sauce - Hilah Cooking

I’m not sure it’s possible to explain to you how delicious and also how hot this sauce is. It is so delicious that we have been putting it on ALL of our food the past few days. I’m talkin’ chicken tacos, carnitas, steamed broccoli, salmon patties, green beans, eggs, taco salad, tostones. Really, everything except…

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Heads Up! Pico de Gallo!

Really quick before the new episodes start up tomorrow! Here’s how to make pico de gallo! “Pico de gallo” translates from Spanish to “beak of the rooster” and theories on that name mostly all revolve around the sharpness of a rooster’s beak being analogous to the spicy pop of pico de gallo. It’s a very…

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West-Indian Pepper Sauce

Okay, y’all, I’ma be real with you: I don’t know dick about Jamaican food. I’ve never even had Jamaican food. But in my mind, I know that I would love it, namely because I love me some hot peppers. Scotch bonnets, habaneros, whatever you got: Bring It. Plus, allspice and citrus?? I bet it smells…

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Salsa Verde Recipe

salsa verde recipe

Pace Picante sauce was a staple in my house growing up. Remember those “Get a rope” commercials? Ahaha. Those were the days. The days when Pace was a decent salsa. Then something happened, I don’t know, I guess I was around eight, and my parents quit buying Pace because they “changed the formula”. Well, that…

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How To Make Salsa

A quick and easy recipe for making homemade salsa using a blender. This salsa is super-simple and uses fresh tomatoes – no BPA from canned tomatoes.

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