How to Make Iced Coffee

Make iced coffee without a machine

Here’s how to make iced coffee, the iced toddy way! You don’t need a fancy Toddy machine, though, to get great cold-brewed coffee for the morning! Save your money for funner things like bars. This is so easy, you can train your dog to make it, especially if you have a smart dog like a cocker spaniel or a pot-bellied pig or a dolphin. It makes great cold coffee drinks, but if you double the strength, you can add boiling water to it and make hot coffee too. Basically you’re making a coffee concentrate.

Because it’s a slow-brew process, the final product is less acidic and has less “undesirables” in it than hot-water brewed coffee. But still all the caffeine! Here’s how to make iced coffee without any fancy equipment:


How to Make Iced Coffee

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You don’t need special equipment to make cold-brewed coffee

  • Yield: 2


  • 1.5 cups cold water
  • 1/3 c coarsely ground coffee (Should look like yard dirt, not sand grains)


  1. Combine these in a glass container and cover, set aside at room temperature for 12 hours, more or less
  2. Strain through a metal strainer or colander lined with a paper filter.
  3. Drink up, buttercup.

And if you wish to invest in an iced coffee maker, try this post: Cold-brewed iced coffee!


  1. I loved that you made absolutely no attempt to pretend that 14 hours actually occurred between shots. That is unless you actually spent those 14 hours in the same bath robe, in which I case I love it even more. As for the recipe, I shall definitely give it a go, though I am skeptical regarding its merit.

  2. Just tried this and it’s awesome! Way better than the starbucks stuff, lol. I’m going to need a larger glass 😉

  3. Hilah, was wondering if the grounds can be pre-ground? Or do they have to be larger? Thank you! Looking forward to trying this.

  4. Hi Hilah i just tried out your coffee recipe and it is great i love frapachinno’s and this there the same but yours is over by a smudge -Tori

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