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Milanesa Torta

milanesa torta

milanesa torta recipe video – scroll down for printable recipe Milanesa is like the South American chicken fried steak. Milanesa Torta is like the South American DQ “Dude”. It’s basically one of the most delicious things ever created because it combines crunchy fried meat with bread and avocado and sour cream and a lingering fear…

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Hilah’s Texas Kitchen – BBQ Beef Ribs

Episode One: Black’s Barbecue, Lockhart, and BBQ Beef Ribs It’s here! Dudes, it’s finally here! I’m so excited! You know how when you’ve worked on something really hard and you really want to be done so you can show people and then you get done and it’s time to show the people and you’re JUST…

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Jalapeño Bacon Cheeseburger

The evil, long-lost, fat-filled twin sister of Tuesday’s turkey burger recipe, this jalapeño bacon cheeseburger really isn’t anything new. It’s just delicious. As if that weren’t enough. You know it’s enough. I like to use fresh jalapeños on this cholesterol-laden extravaganza to add a little bite of cool crispness. Pickled jalapeños are awesome, too. If you…

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Beer Beef Stew

Beer Beef Stew Recipe Video – scroll down for recipe card It seems like we ate beer beef stew often growing up. My daddy was a beer-hound (Coors Light to point fingers) but the original recipe came from a woman named Katherine Isbell and I only know this because I found the recipe card in…

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Beef Brisket

I’m really super happy to be sharing this with you today! Since shooting at Louie Mueller Barbecue a month ago, I’ve been working on my oven brisket technique and two things have happened. My oven brisket is at least four times more delicious than it was before I got tips from the master. Also, Chris…

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Making Friends And Picadillo

I remember being 23 and thinking that I would never again in my life be capable of making such amazing, smart, sweet, crafty, kind-hearted friends as I had then. Fortunately, I still have those incredible friends in my life and am thankful every day for that. But one part of that thought that I am…

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How To Make Cheeseburgers

Everyone who eats cheeseburgers should know how to make cheeseburgers. Seriously, guys. It’s way easy and way cooler than going to Dairy Queen again. I never seen a Dairy Queen offer me no smoked cheddar, have you?! Yeah. ‘Nuff said.

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How To Make Chili (Texas-Style!)

Chili (AKA chili con carne) shouldn’t be difficult! Let’s keep it simple and radical! Here’s my old man’s Texas chili recipe and it’s ultra-good. Make it as spicy as you like. Then make a Frito pie and tell me Texas isn’t the best place on earth. As far as chili goes, anyway.

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How To Make Meatballs

how to make meatballs

This video and article will show you how to make meatballs for spaghetti sauce from my simple meatball recipe, to the rolling, and making tomato sauce lickety-split.

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