Jalapeño Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are one of my favorite party snacks to make. People make fun of them a little bit — they have a reputation for being old-fashioned  or giving you farts and egg-breath — and perhaps there’s a nugget of truth there, but good lord, deviled eggs are delicioso! Deviled eggs in their basest form […]

Learn to Cook: How to Boil Eggs

How to Boil Eggs This is the fourth in a series of answer posts to reader-submitted questions. Some of these posts may be incorporated into the revised edition of the Learn to Cook book. Hard boiled eggs might be one of the trickiest things to get just right. You want the yolks firm and centered […]

Breakfast Meatloaf (including Pork Sausage Recipe)

My brother’s friend Cameron described to me a fantastical breakfast phenomenon he once imagined, called a “Breakfast Meatloaf”. I took on his dream as if it were my own and created this absolutely GD delicious breakfast meatloaf, using my maple-sage pork sausage recipe, combined with a goodly helping of vegetables, stuffed with hard boiled eggs, […]

Texas Omelette Recipe

A while back, we did a plain old, rolled cheese omelette video that proved to be very helpful to a lot of youngsters (and oldsters!). So the other night, when it was a lazy dinner night and I was making this breakfast for dinner anyway, I figgered I’d go ahead and share this “Texas” omelette […]

How To Poach An Egg!

How to Poach an Egg Video – scroll down for step-by-step instructions Check out my channel on YouTube for more Learn to Cook Videos Knowing how to poach an egg is one of the basic cooking skills that you probably should have if you like poached eggs. With a couple of tiny tricks, they’re really […]

Egg White Omelet

To be honest, I never got the whole egg white omelet thing. Partly because I’ve never been one to worry very much about calories or fat or cholesterol (a fact which may turn out to haunt me later but nevertheless I thank my parents for not cursing me with a bunch of body image issue […]

Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros Video – scroll down for recipe I know you know I love tacos, but what maybe you did not know is that I also love tostadas which are like tacos, but flat and hard to eat. Or flat and FUN to eat if you want to think positively about it, which I do. […]

How To Make a Frittata

It seems like I have many stories involving frittatas. But really, it’s just two. For starters my dad used to make them a lot. He’d always put in leftover bread or pasta or even rice. While he called it a frittata, his were really more similar to a Spanish tortilla because they’d end up being […]

Easy Cheesy Omelet

Evidently I’m on a French-kick this week. Duxelles, puff pastry, wine (secretly, of course). What’s next?! I grow a skinny moustache and start reciting poetry at a quaint sidewalk cafe?! Sacre bleu! BUT, we are rapidly approaching EPISODE 100, y’all! I swore to myself that by episode 100 I’d have ALL the basics covered in […]