Vegetarian Cassoulet Beans

vegetarian cassoulet beans with field roast sausage

Springtime is the right time for vegetarian cassoulet beans. I finally got into the heralded and exclusive Rancho Gordo Bean Club and we’ve been eating our weight in beans to try and keep up! Included in the most recent delivery was a pound of cassoulet beans, which I’d never had before. And I was surprised…

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Vegan Chili

Bowl of vegan chili with onions and pickled jalapeños

I served this vegan chili at our Super Bowl party last night (Go Rams!) as part of a Frito pie buffet and three people asked for the recipe so I figured as long as I was writing it down, I’d put it up here, too. I was kind of surprised I hadn’t posted this yet,…

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Red Lentil Soup

red lentil soup

Red lentil soup is a very cheap, healthy, vegetarian soup made with red lentils aka masoor dal (affiliate link) for when your pantry is bare. You could make this with any lentils that you have, but the masoor dal give it a very smooth (and extra soothing) texture. I actually made this for myself to…

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Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

Homemade chicken noodle soup! Made with simple homemade egg noodles to cure your every ailment.

It’s chicken noodle soup with homemade egg noodles! If you’ve never made pasta before, egg noodles are a great place to start. These homemade egg noodles are the easiest pasta I’ve ever made and it’s only my butt-vanity that keeps me from making (and eating) them every damn day. I provided a recipe for the…

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Vegetable Chili

Easy vegetable chili with black beans, lentils, carrots and chayote. This vegan chili will warm your butt

I call this vegetable chili and not vegetarian chili, even though it is vegetarian, because it’s got a lot of vegetables in it. You know what I mean? It’s not a standard vegetarian chili that’s all beans and tomatoes. Those are good, but kind of heavy sometimes. And maybe … a little boring? Texture-wise I…

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Daube de Boeuf

Daube de Boeuf - a dead-simple French beef stew with carrots, mushrooms, cooked down with vermouth and gin. Sounds weird as hell, but your guests will love it

This is quite a step away from my usual offerings. I think I can count the number of French recipes on this site on one hand. Or less. Let’s see . . . Gougeres, quiche Lorraine, mushroom quiche. That’s it. And now, this daube de boeuf which is an absolutely fantastic cold-weather recipe that’s very easy…

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Creamy Turnip Soup

A creamy turnip soup made with 5 ingredients (and not one of them is cream!) This dairy-free turnip soup has a smooth texture and mild flavor

There are not many foods more boring-sounding than turnip soup, I know. Even if you try and add a sensual adjective like creamy turnip soup, turnip soup just recalls bygone days of Charles Dickens and hungry orphans with holes in their shoes. Turnips are humble. They’re cheap. They’re big and round and unassuming. But they’re…

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Easy Coconut Curry

Easy coconut curry, Thai style, made with chicken or tofu and a few easy-to-find ingredients

This is a basic Thai coconut curry and it’s a good recipe to know because it’s very accepting of most vegetables, even the ones that no one likes. I like carrots and snow peas and bell peppers but maybe you like broccoli and eggplant and green beans. Someone else might like mushrooms and bamboo shoots…

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