Pizza Party Time!!

homemade pepperoni pizza with fresh basil

We recently got an outdoor pizza oven — Ooni Koda 16 — and it’s been so fun experimenting with different pizza dough recipes for ourselves and our friends. Friday night pizza night is a much more active tradition now. And our friends love it when we host a pizza party, too! Chris and I started…

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Farro Cauliflower Salad

farro cauliflower salad

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything on this blog. It’s not that I haven’t been cooking; in fact I’ve been cooking a lot but it’s often hurried and rushed and uninspired. But today! Today I made this farro cauliflower salad to take on a picnic at Laguna Gloria, and it turned out…

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(Vegan) Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

I’ve been baking a lot since we’ve been home on Coronavirus quarantine. We aren’t sick, knock on wood, but have been laying low since Thursday before last which was only 14 days ago but feels like longer, not necessarily in a bad way, though. If you know what I mean. It’s okay if you don’t.…

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Stay at Home Food

You’ve heard the heed, so heed the call and please try to avoid the grocery stores as much as you can these days. It helps the employees and it helps your neighbors if you can just stay home. Personally I have always loved the challenge of pantry cooking, and as soon and Chris and I…

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Spring Seasonal Recipes

Spring is here! The days are getting longer and the mornings not so dreary. Baby leaves are unfurling like little green alien hands reaching out of the branches. Birds are nesting and it’s possible the first mosquitoes have already made their way into your underpants. After a cold winter, we’re finally starting to get some…

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Beer Cheese Soup

It’s history and comedy and beer cheese soup! In this episode of HilahCooking, I make a warming beer cheese soup while my friend Dawn Brodey tells the tale of George Washington’s Christmas morning battle of 1776. That’s the one where he crossed the Delaware river, but I swear I had never heard that it happened…

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Winter Seasonal Recipes

Winter seems to get a lot of people feeling kinda down in the dumps. The shorter days, not enough sunshine, the stress of holidays, the annoyance of wet shoes and jammed up jacket zippers. Not to mention, there’s nary a good tomato or peach in sight for the next six months. But even if we…

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Autumn Seasonal Recipes

It’s autumn-time and that means orange pumpkins and red leaves and dried up corncobs and haunted hayrides. Thanks to Halloween, autumn is probably my favorite season. Though summer comes mighty close. To celebrate the harvest season, here are my most delicious recipes that honor the bounty of fall. Make the most of the year’s best…

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Date and Kale Salad

Date and kale salad: massaged kale salad with olive oil, lemon juice, pomegranate molasses, dates, celery, nuts and a bit of hot peppers

Another kale salad! But this one is so good it’s been on weekly rotation since I first had its predecessor in September last year when we were in London. We were at the obnoxiously cool, quite pretentious Ace Hotel and I was starving for vegetables after eating three days’ worth of fish and chips and…

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