HHH012 Q&A with Hilah and Chris

In episode 12 of Hilah’s Happy Hour, Chris and I answer questions from listeners! We cover topics like: how to choose a restaurant? how to make Brussels sprouts taste good? how to deep fry without burning down the house? what’s Tex-Mex? what’s my REAL passion???

Listen to the first episode Chris and I recorded here. And if you have any cocktail recipe suggestions, leave me a comment below!

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You can listen to the episode below or on Soundcloud.

Show Notes:

  • Norah (restaurant)
  • Fried Brussels sprouts
  • Eggplant bacon
  • I was on Chopped!!!
  • Tips for deep frying (more here)
  • Smoked oysters + eggplant = BAD IDEA
  • Deep-fried frozen turkey (also BAD IDEA)
  • Justice for Brad’s wife
  • Totino’s pizza rolls
  • Tex-Mex
  • New England cuisine
  • Benefits of being kind of a loser
  • Nirvana
  • Chorizo casserole and other chorizo recipes
  • Churchkey in WeHo
  • Palace Cafe in New Orleans
  • Muffalettas at Verti Mart
  • The BEST chicken-fried steak recipe video
  • Kumquats
  • Cocktails!


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