Bolognese Sauce


Tweet An ex-boyfriend taught me about Bolognese. Until then, I guess I’d always just made “spaghetti sauce” like a regular person who is from Texas and whose only experience with Italian food is from Olive Garden. When I saw him mincing carrots and celery for our sauce, I was like, “Whoa, dude. What is happening […]

Dirt Cake

dirt cake

Tweet The Dirt Cake is something that many people grew up on. Not me. I think dirt cakes are indigenous to the American midwest which would explain why I’d never heard of them until I was well past voting age. That, and my mom was a devout sugar-hating hippie and dirt cake is almost 100% […]

Gummy Worms Recipe..

gummy worms recipe

Tweet I’ve gotcha a fruit-juice sweetened, natural gummy worms recipe right here for Halloween. But first, a spooky Halloween story. Halloween night, late 1980s. My family lived in the boonies so there were no good streets or even houses at which to trick or treat. All dressed up, my mom drove me and my brother […]

Cherry Chocolate S..

cherry chocolate smoothie

Tweet  One of my favorite smoothies, I add protein powder to this cherry chocolate smoothie if I’m having it for breakfast and omit it if I just want something like a milkshake for dessert. Cherry Chocolate Smoothie Author: Hilah Johnson Serves: 1 Ingredients 1 cup kefir or plain yogurt ½ cup almond milk or other […]

Special Announceme..

Special Announcement!

TweetWe’re having a baby! In case you missed the big news, Chris and I are expecting our first wee one (a boy) on November 3. That’s only like 4 weeks away!!! Eek! We’ve also been working on a webseries all about it. Watch below for a preview of the new series, Expecting Hilah and subscribe […]

Mango Coconut Smoo..


Tweet Mango and coconut together is one of the best partnerships around. This smoothing is a high-protein, low-carb, moderate-fat option that will keep you full all morning. If you have a coconut allergy or just don’t like the stuff, use a fresh banana instead for a creamy texture, but the smoothie will be higher in […]

Vegan Caesar Salad

vegan caesar salad

Tweet Since we love Caesar salad, but I can’t be eating raw eggs right now ’cause fetuses don’t like raw eggs, I came up with an egg-free alternative for Caesar salad. Essentially a vegan Caesar salad. Except you can add cheese if you want! Glorious cheese! Tweet

Kale Salad with Go..

kale salad with goji berries

Tweet The thing about kale salad as you’ve probably heard by now, is you need to massage it. Rub it down with some oil and salt, break up the fibrous veins and make it tender. Man, that sounds sexy. Tweet

Easy Peel Hard Boi..

easy peel boiled eggs

TweetGah! Guess what we’ve all been boiling eggs the wrong way. Or I have at least. For years I touted this method of hard boiling eggs and while it certainly works fine, I’d still end up with 30% of my eggs being a serious pain in the ass to peel. No matter how old they […]