Chicken Pot Pie Qu..

chicken pot pie quesadillas

TweetChicken Pot Pie Quesadillas Video (scroll down for printable recipe This was a wicked brainstorm. As it turns out, chicken pot pie quesadillas are delicious and filling and way easier than making a chicken pot pie from scratch (though I’ve got a recipe for that, too). When you think about it, chicken pot pie filling […]

Slow-Cooker Baby B..

slow-cooker baby back ribs

TweetSlow-cooker baby back ribs video (scroll down for recipe) This video was made in partnership with Hidden Valley Ranch. The seasoning on these simple slow-cooker baby back ribs is just a packet of Ranch dressing mix and some fresh jalapeños. The result is tender, garlicky, spicy ribs that are perfect for game day. Rub them down, […]

Kaya Toast

kaya toast

Tweetkaya toast video (scroll down for recipe) I met Lynn Chen recently (you might recognize her from the film Saving Face or from Law and Order: SVU which is one of my favorite shows even though it gives me the heeby-jeebies) and as it turns out, we have more than laughing really really loud in common. […]

Portobello mushroo..

mushroom tacos

Tweetportobello mushroom tacos video (scroll down for recipe) I would say that these portobello tacos are a great vegetarian taco alternative … but they’re so much more than that. To hell with being an alternative, these are stand-alone delicious. Smoky, chewy portobello mushroom strips, creamy avocado, crunchy tart cabbage, and a tomato-chipotle salsa. Goodness gracious, […]

Chipotle Salsa

chipotle salsa

Tweet This quick chipotle salsa is delicious on my portobello mushroom tacos, but it would also go really nicely with pollo al carbon.  I’ve also used this salsa to make a salad dressing: 2 parts salsa + 2 parts oil + 1 part vinegar + salt and pepper to taste. P.S. Quick tip on storing […]

Homestyle Vegetari..

Homestyle Vegetarian Cooking Course

TweetIt’s here! The vegetarian cooking class I’ve been working on for at least 8 months is finally done! Phew! It’s humongous! And for the month of January it’s only $17. Here’s what’s in it: Over 20 new vegetarian recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner including how to make your own seitan, tempeh “bacon”, soyrizo, and […]

Spinach Enchiladas..

spinach enchiladas suizas

TweetSpinach Enchiladas Suizas Video (Scroll down for printable recipe) Spinach enchiladas with suiza sauce is the enchilada order I place on days when I’m in a vegetarian state of mind, or in joints where I doubt the freshness and quality of the meat (why would a person eat in a place like that at all? Well, […]

Piña Colada Panca..

piña colada pancakes with rum syrup

Tweetpiña colada pancakes video (scroll down for printable recipe) A tropical spin on plain old pancakes, these piña colada pancakes are made with coconut milk, coconut chips and fresh diced pineapple. The rum is mixed into warm maple syrup so the pancakes themselves are alcohol-free and safe for small children. Finally a holiday breakfast the whole […]

Black Forest Trifl..

black forest trifle

TweetBlack Forest Trifle Video (scroll down for recipe) My grandmother Hornsby always loved a good trifle. She made hers with vanilla pound cake and raspberry jam, pudding and Cool Whip. (You can see her trifle recipe here.) This Black Forest trifle has all the flavors (the cherries! the chocolate! the booze!) of a Black Forest cake, […]