Natural Easter Egg..


Tweet Making your own natural Easter egg dyes is not quite as simple as dissolving Paas pellets, but it is much more fun (it also takes longer so if you’re an important business person with a plane to catch, then just get the Paas kit). When you use natural egg dyes made from plants, the […]

Savory Ham and Che..

ham and cheese waffles

Tweet I’m a savory breakfast kinda goyl. Give me a bagel over a donut any day of the week and I’ll take my toast with salted butter, please, hold the jam. Because of this preference, I’ve never gotten terribly excited over pancakes or waffles. But ham and cheese waffles? Hot diggity! We had a version of these […]

How I started on Y..

How I started on YouTube, then almost quit, then started again

TweetHello! It’s been a long time. About three months since I posted a new video, and about seven months since we shot a video. Time flies when you’re taking care of a tiny, slug-like baby who depends on you for his very survival! Here’s a video update on what we’ve been up to, the thoughts that […]

Herbed Compound Bu..

compound butter

TweetCompound butters are one of the easiest, fastest, no-brainiest ways to fancify your life. Just take soft butter, add some fresh or dried herbs, some spices, some salt, some citrus zest, some onion relatives, some garlic, some ginger, some mustard, some miso, really just about any flavors you can imagine, and mash it all up […]

Austin Lamb Jam Re..


TweetI was asked to judge the first annual Austin Lamb Jam on Sunday, sponsored by the American Lamb Board. They’ve been hosting these competitions around the country for the last five years in cities like Boston, San Francisco, Seattle and D.C. but this was the first year they’ve come to Austin. Fifteen restaurants from Austin and one from […]

Maple Coconut Gran..

maple coconut granola

Tweet I first shared a version of this homemade granola recipe in the newsletter several months ago (and lezbehonest, that was 2014 and I haven’t sent out another one. Babies take up lots of time…) and since then I’ve been tweaking it weekly — I eat a lot of granola — to see just how low […]

Sweet Potato Ginge..

sweet potato gingerbread

Tweet I came up with this sweet potato gingerbread recipe because I had a bunch of sweet potatoes around because I’m trying to eat healthier, but I also wanted cake because I’m not the best when it comes to eating healthier. This is my grandma’s gingerbread recipe, but I swapped out half of the butter for sweet, […]

Best Smoothie Reci..


TweetSmoothies are great way to ingest all the food groups that your diet is lacking in one big gulp. Dairy group, vegetable group, fruit group, protein group, fat group, even whole grains — any and all can be crammed into a smoothie to make your body (and your cardiologist) happier. I must point out the distinction […]

Best Products for ..


TweetIn my short experience being a new mom (and with some input from Chris, the new dad) these are the items we’ve found we can’t live without, some for baby and some for me. (Small disclaimer: Images are Amazon links and if you buy through these links, I get a small commission from Amazon.) Cake […]