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TweetWe’ve made it. Flint is now six months old, plus a little. I’m still running on a sleep deficit, but I’m mostly accustomed to it. Definitely think that the shitty sleep is the number one reason why parents seem to all get twice as many gray hairs and wrinkles in a single year than in all […]

Put It In My Mouth

Put It In My Mouth

Tweet A new series on Hilah Cooking wherein I let people put stuff in my mouth. Here’s our first video with Adriene. If you’re like to send me things to put in my mouth, you may mail them to Hilah Cooking PO Box 143841 Austin, TX 78714 Be sure to include your return address so […]

Charro Beans

charro beans recipe

Tweet “Frijoles de Charro” translates into  “cowboy beans” and are the Mexican equivalent of Ranch style beans, but just like homemade Ranch style beans, they are many times better than canned Ranch-style beans and quite different. Characterized by lots of bacon and tomatoes, charro beans are rich enough to stand on their own, or rather, sit […]

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Smashed Roasted Potatoes with Bacon, Mustard and Thyme

TweetSmashed Roasted Potatoes Video (scroll down for printable recipe) I’ve seen pictures of smashed roasted potatoes all over the internet recently and they reminded me maybe of the potato rissoles we had several times at the Palace Cafe in New Orleans. Lucky me, they are pretty similar in texture — creamy inside, crunchy salty outside — but way […]

Knife Care 101

custom knife maker Weige

TweetWeige Custom Knife shop – How Knives are made We visited Travis Weige of Weige Knives in Austin to learn how he creates custom chef knives, Santoku, petty, paring, boning, utility and hunting knives in his home shop. Each knife is made by hand, from shaping the blade to smoothing the handle. Customers can choose […]

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Crispy Chicken Stir Fry – Chinese Takeout at Home!

TweetChicken Stir Fry Video (scroll down for printable recipe) I came up with this one evening when what I was really craving was some Chinese take-out, the kind that’s way too sweet and sticky and tastes awesome but leaves you feeling kind of terrible in your guts after you eat it, you know the kind […]

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Carne Asada Tacos: How to Grill Like a Mexican, Part 1

TweetCarne Asada Tacos Video (scroll down for printable recipe card) One thing that our friend Carlos and I can always always talk about is food. We both love to eat and cook and learn about food, all kinds of food, from all around the world. Carlos is also a seasoned grill-master and pretty much always brings […]

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Buffalo Shrimp – Hooters Style

TweetBuffalo Shrimp Video (scroll down for printable recipe) As a follow-up to my Breastaurant review video, here is a delicious homemade Buffalo shrimp recipe, a la Hooters. Between you and me (and everyone else on the planet) these are at least a smidge better than Hooters, if only because I use large shrimp and my […]

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Best Breastaurants – Reviewed

TweetFind the best breastaurants with this video review of Hooters, Twin Peaks, Bikinis Sports Bar, and Bone Daddy’s. I was reading a while back about the “casual restaurant” industry and how while it’s been declining overall, the breastaurant industry is booming. Even if you’ve never heard the term breastaurant, you know what they are. Think […]