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Chorizo fried rice

chorizo fried rice

Chorizo fried rice is great for a quick breakfast or breakfast-for-dinner. I’d heard of bacon fried rice before and I had some really excellent chorizo in the fridge and I figured bacon and chorizo have about the same amount of fat so it ought to work. And it does. See??? Here’s picture proof! The recipe…

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Chorizo Sweet Potato Casserole

sweet potato chorizo casserole

I was invited to a potluck last year, a short while before we were moving to Los Angeles. This meant that our pantry was almost bare, since I am of the “eat all the food before you move even if that means you eat Parmesan cheese rinds and rice for a week” school of thought. I…

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Chorizo Cornbread Dressing

Chorizo cornbread dressing video (scroll down for printable recipe) I guess it was two years ago now that I came up with this variation on my grandma’s cornbread dressing recipe. I say “variation” but it’s so far from her recipe that it really should be in a class of its own. This is a very…

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Week ten! Do it again! This week I’m going for even more healthy . . . because even the best-laid plans go awry. But you just have to get back on that horse and try again, right? Chicken Quinoa Broccoli Casserole Based on this week’s question on Facebook, everyone still loves casseroles. I was surprised.…

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5 Meals to Make this Week #9

mushroom tacos

Week nine! Have a good time! The fun never ends around here! Phew. We had a great July 4th weekend with friends visiting, very nice meals at very nice restaurants, popcorn with our neighbors while we watched fireworks and enough pink wine to give us each a hangover for days. I’m also going to NYC in three…

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Our friend Tuany‘s mom, Rita, came to visit from Brazil and while she was here, we got to cook an old-fashioned feijoada together! Feijoada is a famous beans-and-meat dish of Portuguese origin. It’s similar to several old-world bean stews like French cassoulet and Spanish fabada. In Brazil, it’s usually made with black beans along with lots of…

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HHH023 Q&A with Hilah and Chris!

Time for another Q&A! In this podcast, we answer listener questions that run the gamut from soulmates to super powers; movies to margaritas. Some of these get a little personal but most of them are just fun and silly. And there are a few good cooking and party-planning tips. Towards the end we ask YOU a…

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TEX-MEX RECIPES Homemade Microwaveable Burritos View Recipe Arroz con Pollo View Recipe Albóndigas Soup View Recipe Jackfruit Tinga Tostadas View Recipe Homemade Taco Seasoning View Recipe Chunky Beef Tacos View Recipe Chorizo fried rice View Recipe Roasted Vegetable Tacos View Recipe Taco Pockets! Homemade Hot Pockets View Recipe Chicken Enchilada Casserole View Recipe Vegetarian Tamales…

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