5 Meals to Make this Week #11

jackfruit tinga

Number eleven! Meal plan heaven! That was a lame one, but nothing else rhymes with eleven except seven and that won’t work for obvious reasons. ūüėČ Anyway, let us celebrate the bounty of summer this week with lots of seasonal recipes like grilled corn, garlic green beans and fresh tomato gazpacho! Grilled Steak and Grilled…

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Garlic Green Beans

garlic green beans

My favorite way to cook summer green beans: with buttloads¬†of garlic, cooked two ways! This garlic green beans uses the “professional chef” method of cooking green beans, meaning we blanch them first then sear in a skillet. I like this method for a couple of reasons: The texture of the green beans is a little…

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Week ten! Do it again! This week I’m going for even more healthy . . . because even the best-laid plans go awry. But you just have to get back on that horse and try again, right? Chicken Quinoa Broccoli Casserole Based on this week’s question on Facebook, everyone still loves casseroles. I was surprised.…

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HHH025 Interview with Laurel Kinney Personal Stylist

Laurel Kinney is the brainiac stylist behind my gorgeous wardrobe in all my promo photos and the photos in my Learn to Cook book. She’s a supportive¬†friend, a creative and successful entrepreneur, and she’s hilarious. So basically the whole package! ¬†In this interview with Laurel Kinney, we learn what is a personal stylist and wardrobe…

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Lentil Salad with Fresh Herbs

lentil salad

I call this “lentil tabouli” in my mind, but I know some purists out there would suck¬†my eyeballs out for saying that out loud. Which is why I’m calling it lentil salad here . . . but secretly to myself I’m singing “lentil tabouli, lentil tabouuuuuliiiiiii” all day long. It’s cause of all the herbs,…

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HHH024 Interview with Julie Nolke | Feeling Peckish

I got to sit down with Julie Nolke and her partner Sam Larson from the YouTube channel Feeling Peckish while we were all at VidCon last week. Julie and Sam are one of those couples where, when you meet them, you say to yourself, “Oh yeah, that all makes perfect sense”. They are creative and…

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Our friend Tuany‘s mom, Rita, came to visit from Brazil and while she was here, we got to cook¬†an old-fashioned feijoada together! Feijoada is a famous beans-and-meat dish¬†of Portuguese origin. It’s similar to several old-world bean stews like French cassoulet and Spanish fabada. In Brazil, it’s usually made with black beans along with lots of…

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Spicy Broccoli Salad

Our friend Satomi is a little famous around the Austin potluck scene for her broccoli salad which includes bacon, raisins and mayonnaise. Sounds weird as hell but it’s really tasty. I wanted to¬†come up with a slightly spicy, slightly less sweet version of hers that would¬†work well as a side dish for tacos or enchiladas.…

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Shrimp and Pesto Stuffed Squash Blossoms

stuffed squash blossoms

When you see squash blossoms show up at your spring and¬†early summer farmers’ markets (pretty much the ONLY place you’ll see them unless you have a garden yourself) grab a bunch and make stuffed squash blossoms as soon as you are able! Often,¬†I just use a soft cheese but we had a few cooked shrimp…

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