Kabocha Pumpkin Salad

kabocha squash salad with avocado dressing

Roasted kabocha pumpkin salad. Look at this gorgeous thing! If you’re unfamiliar with kabocha squash, you may know it by the name Japanese pumpkin. Or maybe you’ve really never seen one. I hadn’t seen one until a couple of years ago. I feel like they just recently have hit the US markets en masse. But…

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Roasted Green Beans and Tomatoes

Our new favorite way with green beans – roasted with lots of olive oil, whole garlic and cherry tomatoes. The oil and tomatoes break down into thick, savory sauce and the garlic gets caramelized – perfect for mopping up with a hunk of sourdough bread. Or dump the whole pan on top of a pot…

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Roasted Okra

roasted okra how to roast okra

If you’ve ever wondered if you can roast okra or if one could roast okra, wonder no more. Because roasted okra can be done and more importantly, it should be done. For real, after I finally tried roasting okra, I forgot why I ever fried it (besides the obvious crispy reasons). Roasted okra becomes chewy…

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How to Eat More Vegetables

Five servings of fruits and vegetables a day is kind of a lot, once you factor in all the servings of whole grain bread and oatmeal and pasta and eggs and cheese and meat (and donuts?) that we are also supposed to eat every day. The pressure is immense!! And unfortunately, a serving of vegetables…

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Fermented Pickles

An easy way to make fermented pickles using salt and a little apple cider vinegar

I’ve been sitting on this recipe since last fall when I finally figured out fermented pickles. It’s been VERY HARD keeping it to myself all this time so when I saw pickling cucumbers at the farmers market again this past weekend, I got VERY EXCITED. This easy fermented pickle method uses salt water but also…

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Rosemary Apricots

Rosemary-honey marinated dried apricots are a unique, delicious and easy addition to a holiday cheese plate!

Just three ingredients to make these chewy, sweet gems that are a marvelous addition to a simple holiday cheese plate. Rosemary apricots are great with soft cheeses like chèvre or brie, as well as strong cheeses like sharp Cheddar and blue cheese. And while the fanciest cheese plates have a few types of cheese and…

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Peach Bacon Salad

Wonderful main-dish summer salad with fresh peaches or nectarines, crispy bacon, toasted almonds, and arugula in a simple, homemade honey mustard dressing

Before you say “that does NOT sound like a salad” let me say that peach bacon salad also has arugula in it so it actually IS a salad. But peach bacon arugula salad with almonds has too many words. So peach bacon salad it is! This pretty little number makes a great main-dish salad for hot…

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Summer Squash Fritters

Summer squash fritters with sharp Cheddar and spicy serranos are a quick and easy vegetarian lunch or snack

Y’all ought to know by now I’m a fritter fanatic. They’re one of the best ways to eat vegetables and that’s the lord’s truth. Corn fritters, feta zucchini fritters (which I evidently used to call zucchini pancakes but forgot?) and now these dang ol’ summer squash fritters. Our neighbors gave us a few extra yellow summer…

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Cauliflower Potato Salad

Cauliflower potato salad has all the traditional creaminess of potato salad, but with some cauliflower in there, too, for good measure

You might be thinking this is some kind of “You Won’t Believe it’s Cauliflower” recipe, but it’s not. My cauliflower potato salad makes no effort to obscure cauliflower’s identity, but rather combines cauliflower AND potato into one, creamy potluck side dish with half the carbs and twice the flavor!™* *Not tested. And not really trademarked,…

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