HHH019 Lesley Fightmaster | Fightmaster Yoga

I’m chatting with my friend Lesley Fightmaster, of Fightmaster Yoga (yes, that is her real name — probably the first question I asked when I met her ūüėČ ) in this week’s podcast. Lesley and I met in person last year at VidCon, but we knew each other through the internet before then. She’s got a peaceful aura . . . I don’t usually talk like that but it’s the easiest way to explain her super chill, totally radical¬†vibe. In this interview, we cover her introduction to yoga; how much we both love¬†processed, frozen vegetarian corndogs; starting a YouTube channel by accident; what to do about kids who cuss and life-coping mechanisms for day-dreamers.

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You can listen to the episode below or on Soundcloud.

Show Notes: 

interview with lesley fightmaster

(My head always looks so much bigger than everyone else’s!)

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