How To Make Pancakes (from Scratch!)

My favorite pancake recipe! Forget pancake mix, make some pancakes from scratch! Add blueberries or strawberries for kicks. Or chocolate chips for a major sugar rush in the morning.

How To Make a Champagne Cocktail

A champagne cocktail is a great change from a mimosa for a fun brunch drink. It’s an old-fashioned, classy drink that’s pretty to boot! And easy! And chicks dig it.

How to Make Gravy

You must know how to make cream gravy if you eat biscuits! Or mashed potatoes. Or chicken fried steak. And I guarantee it’s easier than you think. Hooray for easy gravy recipes!

How To Make Vegan Chili

This easy vegan chili recipe is absolutely amazing. It’s also a soy-free chili. And gluten-free if you use a gluten-free beer. Yay for vegan chili! Yay for Karol for teaching me!

Halloween Cocktail: Bumbaclot!

Here’s a fun Halloween cocktail for your adult Halloween party! It looks gross but tastes good! It’s got RUM! And fake blood clots!

Marshmallow Ghosties

This Halloween recipe will teach you how to make the cutest, scary marshmallow ghosts ever! They are super-simple and delicious. And CUTE!!!

Hallow-peño Poppers!

This fun way to make jalapeno poppers will be the perfect appetizer for your Halloween party! Hallow-peño Poppers are spicy, cheesy and CREEPY!!!

How To Make Refried Beans

Learn to cook refried beans with this delicious, simple (and vegan) recipe. It turns out you don’t need lard after all!

Vacation Update Numero Two: Pool Party! and Pimento Cheese

It’s time for another Summer Update. This one’s about…Pool Party! I think I’m still recovering from a long, hard weekend of cold beers, underwater photos, limoncello shots, diving into the “No Diving” end, hot sausages, pimiento cheese, some stuff I shouldn’t talk about, and one lost flip flop. Several things to celebrate this past weekend: […]